Ethics and Morals

Practices and explanations to keep us and our customers understanding and accountable.

We truly believe that all businesses should be run with a list of ethical practices and moral obligations and that customers should be held to them as well.  Written signed contracts protect good people from bad people, we’re not bad people, and we don’t work with them.  Thus we believe that the list below containing Ethical Logic and Moral Logic should be all we need to do business.  If we go against any of these, please let us know as we believe confrontation of issues makes us stronger and better.

We’ll start with the items that everyone is primarily looking for.

Business Hours


  • Normal Business Hours
    • 8am – 6pm Monday-Friday
    • We try to bundle our major communications to specific hours of the day, this doesn’t mean you can’t call, text, or email us, it merely means that you may have to wait for a response, we don’t always answer immediately.
    • Ethical Logic: If we were to answer our phones, or even look at them while in the middle of a face to face conversation with you, that would be rude, and take away our focus of you and your priority.   However, if it is one of our spouses calling we may answer it, because family first.  Our spouses, understanding that we are with clients during normal business hours, do not call us unless it is an emergency.
  • EMERGENCY Hours – Charged at TWICE the Normal Rate
    • Defined as: Any day or time of day outside of Normal Business Hours.
  • Moral Logic: Some people work too much.  We try not to overwork ourselves, most importantly so that we can be home with our families, keeping family first.  Thus, our hours of operation and exceptions to that are as stated above.