No one should ever have to pay for something that doesn’t work, a doctor that doesn’t cure, a mechanic that doesn’t fix the problem, or a technology solution that isn’t practical for them.  The “Pragamtech Approach”, to spin the common phrase, is to find a solution that is within your budget, growth focused, simple, and practical.   Whether a website, a network or one of those “is it possible? Do they make something that … ?” questions in technologies, we’ll find the best solution for you or your company and help you implement it.

Does your website need some “help?”

Included in any webwork package

Complimentary Design Overview

Discussion of desired design, appearance and function

Sketches of Initial Concept

The value of a website to your organization

Marketing Suggestions

What value does social media have to your particular business?

What can you do about SEO?

What makes a good advertisement?

Other Services

Computer Repair



PoS Systems

Software Support and Instruction

WordPress and SquareSpace website:

Construction, Hosting, and Management

System Upgrades

Chiropractic Software Assistance

System Backups

Training on Computer Use

Organizational Systems

Administrative Assistance

… you can always ask 🙂 … 

Pragmatech is about honest good business, and taking care of you.  Prices are gauged on getting the job done in the most effective manner, not about taking making a years salary on one client.  Service goes above an beyond whenever there is an opportunity.

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Emergency Rate

All services outside of business hours, or services which warrant the leaving of a scheduled job to tend to, are considered EMERGENCY services and will be billed at twice the normal hourly rate.